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How to Grow and Then Exit Your Business, Emotionally and Financially Strong

“Selling a business without an exit strategy is like running a marathon without a finish line.”

–Paul Niccum, author

About Author Paul Niccum

After building six businesses and selling numerous companies to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Paul has faced the same fears and emotional concerns that all sellers face. As both a seller and a buyer—Paul has also acquired eight businesses during his career—Paul is passionate about sharing the lessons he’s learned about selling businesses. Of the hundreds of lessons Paul’s learned, he is adamant about teaching sellers how to properly sell their businesses so they don’t walk away with emotional regrets.



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Your Fast Path to Growth

If you need to grow your business, the GrowNOW! workbook is designed to help you grow today and add value at time of exit. 

Ann Smallman, Jennifer Mitchell and Paul Niccum, Authors

No Regrets Companion Workbook

 22   Journal Actions for a No-Regrets sale. Capture your thoughts from the book to get started on the path to a no-regrets sale.

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